Posted by: Patricia Bradley-Bates | September 8, 2015

Sharing my poetry

Sharing my poetry? A little confusing…that is, if some friends like my poems and some do not. Every time I send one of my “babies” out there to get real world reaction, it does feel like a risk. One friend I just shared with had absolutely no reaction to my work. Several others liked the same poem, with a few editing suggestions….What do I say? Press on.

Posted by: Patricia Bradley-Bates | August 16, 2015

…another poem.

More (Ghosts)
…in the manner of Charles Simic

I don’t really believe in ghosts
but I see the brown cat
watching me
from the kitchen corner
while I slice onions, thinking about Mrs. Vasquez
whose favorite flowers are calla lilies
and her cat liked them too. At least once.

Lynn comes by
laughing and bearing Beaujolais
inviting herself in
through an open window,
looking farm fresh and glowing
despite the odds being greatly against it.

A nameless little boy follows Lynn in through the window
Looking solemn, disapproving
needing a haircut, my father tells him so.
They sit together on the couch, watching TV
the cat eating a sausage
that my father won’t touch
since it fell on the floor
one can’t be too careful, you know
which is silly, considering.

These events happen on a rainy day
toward evening, as I close the window
and check my camera—
no pictures of any spirits,
just messy light streaks around the room
in electropsychedelicacidwash colors.

Posted by: Patricia Bradley-Bates | August 10, 2015

Sunday night thoughts

Sunday night is not my favorite time of the week. Monday morning and the work week looms ahead…However, I have started writing my blog again. This gives me hope, sparkle and keeps me in touch with life being bigger than my job. I want to share thoughts about this writer’s life and show more of my poems…

Posted by: Patricia Bradley-Bates | August 7, 2015

I just jumped into the blog pool again…


Nightly I enter
the space capsule
comfort takes awhile
then the false start.
For a moment I think I’m launched
but I’m still on earth

Waiting…ready for escape.

I’ve put in One Full Day on Earth
I’ve done my chores.
Breathed correctly.
Slowed down.
Affirmed abundance.

shifting again in the pilot’s seat
breath check
stomach relax
jaw slack
shoulders loosened
breath again and

Posted by: Patricia Bradley-Bates | August 6, 2010

Follow-up: Submitting to a Contest

Got a short email from the zine that is running the food poem contest. They got my submission. They got alot of submissions from everyone! I wait in anticipation to see if my child-poem will be honored!

Posted by: Patricia Bradley-Bates | July 7, 2010

Submitting to a Contest

Tonight, for the first time in years, I submitted a poem to a contest. I am excited and pleased with myself! It is to the Real Food Journal and they are asking for submissions on food. I love food and I am learning to like poetry. I clicked and sent my poem-child out into cyber space to fend for itself. I am nervous, like a parent…but I know, that as a writer, I have to be ready to “kill my babies” and cut, cut, cut!

Posted by: Patricia Bradley-Bates | June 26, 2010


Tonight, I found a file on my computer entitled “Raw Poetry”. Inside this file, there are poems I had forgotten I had written from a year or two ago. When I wrote them, I tried to write as quickly the stream of my mind moved. As a result, I found work written in a voice different enough so that I had to remind myself “This work is Me”.

Tonight, after my discovery, I ran them off on hardcopy. I plan to revise them.

Posted by: Patricia Bradley-Bates | June 23, 2010

Warming up…

I unlock the door to the engine room.  After a bit of sweeping , I open the hatch of the engine, toss in a chunk of dark chocolate along with some expresso and a stick of dynamite poetry. My finger reaches out to depress a huge flat brass button. The engine gives a lurch and now a lovely humming begins…This site is revving up!

Posted by: Patricia Bradley-Bates | June 22, 2010

Celestial poetry

To me, the highest arts are music, mathematics and poetry. At their best, they are vibrationally perfect in form and proportion. A metaphysical question: is there a true Music of the Spheres? Music in outer space? Scientists at the University of Sheffield in England think so: they have heard true celestial music. This story is found at:

Is there true celestial poetry? Perfect in its form and proportion?